The ‘accidental advocate’ who became a thought leader in positve ageing and dementia, Sue’s work has always been grounded in advocacy, community concerns and providing a strong voice for the consumer. As an ambassador for Dementia Australia, and consultant in her own right, Sue makes a valuable, ongoing contribution to conversations about dementia and she is always willing to stand up for people living with the condition.

While most of her advocacy in former years has been about dementia, about which she remains informed and passionate, sue has also lent her support to campaigns for awareness to reduce Elder abuse; campaigns to combat Ageism (see EveryAGECounts) and various other ‘good things’ revolving around policy and social care and connectedness. She is always happy to discuss supporting ‘good causes.’ – it’s sort of in her DNA……


Over the years, Sue has done heaps of Radio, Television, Print and OnLine media. Is usually available for information and/ or commentary on any of the areas of interest and expertise covered on this website.