From advocate to consultant and collaborative change agent, Sue can craft a program or develop advice and information to assist your organisation make the transition to better knowledge, understanding and practice regarding dementia, ageing, death and dying.

Sue brings a both practical experience and an evidence-based approach to education and training in dementia and other fields. Her experience has been honed while caring for her mother Hazel and observing the many different models she sees in her travels as a speaker and consultant in the aged care industry.

Sue reads widely and studies new ideas, approaches and care models carefully. Her practical experience and years of knowledge make her a highly informed teacher, trainer and educator – she also asks her friends and colleagues with dementia for their experience and opinions, incorporates their advice, and includes some of them as education partners where possible.

Sue consults to a variety of providers and organisations who are keen to implement positive changes in the way they approach dementia.

Speak to Sue about training for aged care professionals and care workers keen to improve their knowledge of dementia. Sue also conducts training for care partners, families and people living with dementia. She is about to launch a series of workshops in the community, starting in Sydney…when they are open for registration, more info will be available on this site.

Workshops and some of the education modules can be booked by any providers, individuals, councils, community groups, service clubs, families – anyone interested in learning about dementia and spreading awareness of how we can support people living with dementia with respect, dignity, and valuing their human rights. Workshops and training can always be tailored to suit client needs and preferences.

Sue delivers most of this personally, but for much of the material it is important that she partners with colleagues with dementia who model and embody much of the ‘Living Well’ approach.

Feel free to contact her to discuss your specific needs.